Welcome to KM Streamers OFFICIAL site

Hello, we are a group of international KissMes who are trying to help UKISS win #1 in Korean music shows. Winning #1 is not a piece of cake and may require time. We are aware very well of that and have prepared ourselves to stream hard and do everything we can until the day UKISS wins.
UKISS has been working so hard for us KissMes and now it's time to work hard back for them.

You can read more about us here
Or join our forum/Google Group here

Older posts during Stop Girl promtion can be found here
Should you have any questions, feel free to send us emails.

NOTE: during time when UKISS does not promote in Korea, we retreat to preparation for their next comebacks and thus do not update our official site. But we are still active on twitter, tumblr, and Facebook. Hope to see you there :)

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